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On religious literalism as opposed to deism

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On religious literalism as opposed to deism

Post by Dr Sheldon Cooper PhD on Wed Apr 29, 2015 10:35 am

I'll start with a quote :

"Some people have views of God that are so broad and flexible that they will find God wherever they look for him."

Dr Weinberg

This strikes me as deism rather than theism, and gets you no closer to Allah, Yahwe, or Jesus than it does to Zeus Thor or Appollo.

Is it a more broad or open minded approach, or are slightly more intelligent and well educated people edging their bets?

Reading many of the posts of another member of this forum, it's easy to prove much of what he says as erroneous, but he seems unaware of the difference between logical fallacy or logically weak arguments and polemic that is demonstrably contradicted by known facts or extremely compelling evidence. Is that the difference then between a literalist and deist Who might also be a theist but tries to rationalise weak or erroneous claims away?
Dr Sheldon Cooper PhD

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