God; a good father or a deadbeat dad. Which is the truth?

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God; a good father or a deadbeat dad. Which is the truth?

Post by Greatest I am on Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:54 pm

God; a good father or a deadbeat dad. Which is the truth?

The use of the term Father in speaking of God is quite ancient and was around way before Jesus started using the term, even though he used son of man a lot more than son of God.

A son calling someone father in the proud way Jesus did is respecting a worthy father, but if we look at Yahweh, I do not see how anyone could be proud of such a father.

Yahweh is definitely portrayed as being quite vile thanks to his use of genocide, infanticide and punishing the innocent instead of the guilty quite often. Yahweh is also shown to covet Joseph’s wife, cuckold Joseph, produce a son and then take off for parts unknown leaving his responsibility for his son to others thus showing himself to be a deadbeat dad.

Scripture say that we are all sons of God. To be relevant to his children, a father has to be around to interact with them. It seems that God does not want to be relevant to us as he remains absent and places us, his children, at the mercy of people who have written scripture more to enrich themselves than to give us the messages from God that they claim to know. Even though scriptures say that God id unknowable and unfathomable and his desires cannot be known.

My analysis of the bible and God does not show God to be a good father.

Do you, as a child of God, see God as a good father or as more of a deadbeat dad?

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