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No problem

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No problem

Post by oftenwrong on Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:51 pm

I don't have a problem ...

with Homosexuals. As long as they don't "groom" children.

with Vegetarians and Vegans, so long as they resist the urge to wreck butchers shops.

I can admire, and perhaps envy a little, people with a strong religious belief. Until they
begin to regard non-believers as unfit to share the Earth.

I'm not bothered by billionaires, they have their own problems to deal with (e.g. Who are your real friends?)
But I do object to them raiding the Company Pension fund to buy a bloody yacht.

I really can't abide people who evidently have such a low opinion of themselves that they can
only be happy denigrating everyone else.

Similarly, I don't see the point of electing someone to Parliament
who is only going to represent their own selfish interests. (You know who I mean.)

The biggest problem seems to lie in our fear of strangers. Animals kill for food,
but why are humans who are not cannibals so eager to destroy each other?


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Re: No problem

Post by boatlady on Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:15 am

Homosexuals. As long as they don't "groom" children.

bit of a misrepresentation of homosexuality there OW - I  think if you look into it, the majority of those who 'groom' children are not homosexuals - although gays, like the rest of humankind, often prefer a slightly younger partner, which may lead to the occasional relationship with someone nominally below the age of consent
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why are humans who are not cannibals so eager to destroy each other?

- a really good question - the tendency seems almost to be innate - those who don't share it seem unusual - could it have some sort of (possibly obsolete) survival value?
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