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MetaRiddle - a challenging online game

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MetaRiddle - a challenging online game

Post by moonbeam on Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:21 pm


This is from the Tutorial page, which I would highly recommend you do first.

MetaRiddle is really easy to understand, and hopefully not too difficult to complete.
Although the difficulty increases underway, the way to progress will mainly be the same.
Each level (lvl) in the riddle, will contain hints or means for you to figure out the word or words, needed to proceed to the next lvl.
The hints can be hidden in several ways, this guide will teach you the most basic.
The command CTRL+A (select all) will e.g. show hidden text that wasn't possible to see before.

A few tips:

You have to edit the url with your answer. If your answer is wrong, you get a 404 error. If it's correct, you will get the next page.

So, for instance, if the url were www.metariddle.com/howto1.htm you might have to modify it to say www.metariddle.com/howto2.htm to move on.

Some of them you have to change the extension entirely to something like www.metariddle.com/howto3.jpg

Another hint: watch the page titles in your browser. (up at the very top where it has the name of the page you're on) - there are sometimes clues there.

I'm currently at level 22 (out of 29). Can't finish it all at once so I have been bookmarking when I have to stop.

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Re: MetaRiddle - a challenging online game

Post by oftenwrong on Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:40 pm

Does that make us disciples of L Ron Hubbard?

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