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To hate Jews is to hate God

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To hate Jews is to hate God

Post by Greatest I am on Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:22 pm

First topic message reminder :

To hate Jews is to hate God.

If you believe in the sacrifice of Jesus, then you must believe that God planned for it and set the conditions even before the earth was formed. If as most believe, the Jews were the cause of the sacrifice, then one must believe that God put the notion and desire to kill Jesus in the Jewish hearts. Jews then were God’s tools in carrying out God’s plan. Jews then should be venerated just as Jesus is because Jesus and Jews were required and caused by God to participate in the sacrifice. They were all doing God’s will and not their own.

Jesus was a Jew and to hate Jews means that Jesus is also hated. The church has historically persecuted Jews and only repented for their actions in 2011 with the pope acknowledging that not all Jews should be hated. Just those directly involved in the sacrifice of Jesus. Ignoring of course that they were charged directly by God to be and do what God wanted.


Why then have Christians historically hated Jews, and by inference, hate the Jew part of God/Jesus the Jew?




The weird twist to this history is that the Christian right who hates Jews the most, is now the ones pushing for funding of the Jewish homeland to fulfill prophesy.

Most Jews do not believe that Jesus was the messiah. Is the Christian right just funding Jews to help drive them to destruction at the hands of God?

Jews tend not to read the O. T. the way Christians do. Are Christian interpretations of Jewish text superior or inferior to the Jewish interpretation of their own myths?

Greatest I am

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Re: To hate Jews is to hate God

Post by polyglide on Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:33 pm

I trust you had a very good Christmas Stu and enjoyed part of it with your daughter. Irrespective of all our different opinions I wish you all the best and all other posters for the New Year.

I have a feeling we will all need it.


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Re: To hate Jews is to hate God

Post by stuart torr on Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:29 pm

Thank-you PG, very kind of you indeed, I had a much better christmas than I expected actually, and hope you enjoyed the festive season too. I return the best wishes for the new year, let us hope it is a better one than last eh.
stuart torr

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Re: To hate Jews is to hate God

Post by Heretic on Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:52 am

There are, so I'm told, a large number of Jews that do not believe in life after death. What they do believe in is a kind of collective (or racial) destiny.

This kind of belief in a collective destiny is to my mind not that different from the almost messianic vision that people on the far left seem to hold.

Are Communists the Jews of the third millennium after Jesus?


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Re: To hate Jews is to hate God

Post by Sponsored content

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