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'Greta Garbo - Divine Star' by David Bret

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'Greta Garbo - Divine Star' by David Bret

Post by oftenwrong on Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:26 pm

"I want to be alone!"
Familiar words to any student of 1930s black-and-white cinema, said to have been uttered by the notoriously shy swedish Hollywood star Greta Garbo. Born in 1905 at Stockholm with the name Greta Gustaffson she appeared in 35 movies covering the transition between silents and talkies and was famous world-wide as one point in an eternal triangle involving rich old men and younger love-machines.

A rather lengthy biography, Greta Garbo - Divine Star has been put together by Hollywood gusher David Bret, who has previously done similar works on Errol Flynn and Joan Crawford. No detail of the star's film work ending at the age of 35 is omitted, but little is added to explain why she chose to separate herself so completely from her millions of fans worldwide. Garbo had several affairs but never married, dying childless in 1990.

GRETA GARBO: Divine Star by David Bret (not Brent!)
Published Robson £20 400 pages
available in e-book format


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