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Love overboard

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Love overboard Empty Love overboard

Post by Misti Wed May 23, 2012 1:52 pm

Disclaimer: All resemblances to real people are entirely deliberate!!!

Having listened with great interest to those of you with an opinion on ‘Finding Love on the Internet’, I have decided to fill in the gaps of my own love story… Well some of them anyway. I’d barely landed on this virtual planet or should I say discussion forum which was run by a left-wing firebrand and a bright young American woman, when I found myself drawn to a particular member. His strength and arrogance enticed me, I guess I have always thrived on the challenge of a good fight and I love to break down a person’s defences and watch as their whole personality opens up to reveal a much warmer interior. The forum suited his opinionated ideals as he’d been demobbed from his beloved Navy by Tory cuts, just as I’d taken up politics to oppose the 50% cuts to the Coastguard service. At this time I wanted more, his cold, calculating behaviour angered me so I continued digging away, intuitively searching for that heart and it finally seemed to emerge revealing a rawness. It was almost as though appeasing it was a pre-requisite to his becoming complete.

He lured me in with his tale of a fair maiden from Bacharach, who had fallen hopelessly in love and when betrayed by her sweetheart had thrown herself to her death off the Rock of Lorelei in the Rhine River. Romantic history then claims that she would sit upon the rock brushing her long golden hair and lure sailors to their death. Romance had never been my thing but I was hooked. Eagerly I sought more of the story and like children we replayed it and rewrote its ending, me the Maiden Lorelei and he the Dark Knight. How perfect life had become. Yet now the pressure was on, he was set to fly to Germany and board the cruise ship at Cologne to depart for the historic Rock Lorelei, and he wanted me to go with him. Me, renowned Mischief maker who had spent her entire life getting into dangerous scrapes but not ever one that had the slightest risk of denting that ice-maiden exterior! No matter how many times I visualised the dangers or heard that inner security alarm ringing out ‘Run Now!!!’, I simply knew I had to go…

Oddly we ended up flying out separately, again this should have forewarned that I was treading dangerous waters. But new to this game of ‘A woman in Love’ I ignored it. Landing at Cologne/Bonn Airport, I took a short journey that was fraught with misgivings about my impulsiveness, yet still I figured I was safe. What could go wrong on a cruise ship full of holiday makers and he was after all ex-Navy! The cruise ship was everything I could have wanted and more, Cologne was breathtaking the only thing missing was my companion. My luggage was immediately taken and I was led, like a lamb to the slaughter, to my cabin. There would be time enough later to meet up with him, I’d reluctantly decided…

At last, I sank onto the vast double bed, kicked off my shoes and momentarily closed my eyes. My moment was brief as the bathroom door opened and gazing at me with undisclosed humour and nothing but a towel was my companion. Now the alarm bells had transformed to sirens! What the hell had I got myself into… From here on my romantic illusions lay in tatters. The arrogance of the man to take for granted that I would not only share his cabin but his bed! If I hadn’t been so traumatized I would have reached for a notepad and started an earnest blog on the downfalls of love on the internet! As it was I considered my limited options, I already knew there were no available cabins, this cruise had been fully booked for some time according to my fellow travel companions. God was I sooh totally blonde and naive! Apart from a couple of upright armchairs there was no other option than to share the bed, though oversized that it was, it was by no means large enough to share with a total stranger of the opposite sex!

Dinner was a disaster though the enticing flavours of traditional dishes created from local produce taunted my hunger. I could barely eat a morsel. The conversation was stilted and my heartbeat was raging with panic and fury. Sat opposite me, Mr Dark looked very debonair and smug, which served to make my blood boil and ignoring the others sharing our table, and spurred on by the champagne that was free-flowing I continued with my childlike assault. Finally, his eyes blazed and I knew I had dented his ego. Touche, payback for this whole set-up and his indifference to my plight. Fueling my anger further he had turned his attentions to the blonde with highly sculptured cheekbones sat to his right, whose name he had already abbreviated to H… The cruise had become the stuff nightmares are made of and I had visions of being pushed overboard by my overbearing host!

No such luck! Without entering into too much detail, I spent a sleepless night hugging the edge of the bed while Mr Dark did everything in his power to annoy me. Casually flung arms landed across me…legs too! When I was inches close to suffocating him with my pillow and I mean I actually held the plump weapon in my hands whilst drinking in his arrogant but undeniably attractive face, I suddenly came to my senses. I had got myself into this mess and now I was acting like a child ruining not only my visit to this picturesque and historical part of Germany but his too…

The following day with only a few hours sleep and no, that wasnt due to my murderous revenge, I performed a rather dignified 180 degree turnaround. I smiled sweetly at Mr Dark, laughed at his jokes over breakfast and allowed him to escort me up on deck as we edged closer to that romantic Rock of Lorelei! An edgy look of confusion flitted across his face, as I performed the role of ‘perfect partner’ and I sooh enjoyed that feeling of being in control!

The ever-changing vision of castles, vineyards and picturesque villages caught my breath. Added to that my arrogant companion had morphed into what I could only describe as true Mills & Boon Hero, enlightening me on the history of the lands beyond whilst encircling my waist with a protective arm. Exhaustion merged with my intake of slowly moving picture postcard scenery and I brazenly admit to falling for the charms of both my surroundings and Mr Dark!

We drew ever nearer to the Lorelei Rock, a notoriously difficult point to navigate, and a silence befell all on board. This beautiful maiden had cast a curse upon sailors drawing them to their death as they had watched transfixed the angelic vision brushing her long and shimmering golden hair. Would the spell ever be broken? So sad to consider this alluring spirit forever tortured by the treachery of her sweetheart. As though reading my thoughts, Mr Dark swept aside my hair and moved me to him, pressing his mouth to mine… And yes guys I kissed him back, with all the magic of our superlative surroundings egging us on and for the briefest of moments my whole body pulsed with a wild and tangible passion. Had he not been holding me my legs would have given way there and then, so I clung on for way longer than was necessary, well that is a perk of being a fragile blonde!!! (Yes, I can be when needed…)

The rest of our time together was heaven-sent, though please remember I am a good girl and a little old-fashioned! And so back to that elusive answer ‘Can You Find Love On The Internet?’

Erm... What do you think? Love can conquer all even the curse of a spurned fair maiden.

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