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'Counter Spy' by Simon Tomlin

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'Counter Spy' by Simon Tomlin Empty 'Counter Spy' by Simon Tomlin

Post by Misti Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:22 pm

“I am renowned for being a straight talker, I shoot from the hip, take no prisoners and could not care less whether people like it or not. When something has to be said I say it and to hell with the consequences.” That’s an extract from 'Counter Spy'. Hear, hear! And on that point at least the author and I share common ground, and the evidence of this proclamation is prominent throughout this work!

The book is interesting in the extreme and a revealing depiction of the cunning arrogance and underhand dealings of politicians, media and special forces, penned by the hand of yet another force to be reckoned with, a true ‘Counter Spy’, Simon Tomlin. His novel unravels his character as arrogant, pompously smug regarding his own talent, disrespectful towards the female sex and driven by a limitless quest for revenge against anyone who has slandered or attacked him or merely been cast in his path.

‘Counter Spy’ enlightens you to the dark forces at work in not only the turbulent and untrustworthy world of media but also amongst the secret illustrious forces of MI5. He proclaims to be a fierce activist of honest journalism, if there is such a thing. And to believe that notion one would first have to accept that 'Counter Spy' is a work of pure fact and not mere fiction from a cleverly orchestrated and bigoted mind...

One wonders is this the work of a bitter, disillusioned and angry individual desperate to awaken the nation to their inexcusable blindness of all that is happening around them? Is it an attempt to re-educate us? Yet surely to satisfy this desire one first has to reach out to the readers, not shower them with contempt for their ignorance. Otherwise in slandering your audience you would imagine uncovering the travesties from the powers above becomes a pointless exercise.

In summary this is a one man crusade against the Mafia-style organisations enforcing corruptions the scales of which blow one's mind. And the Sword of Damocles is strategically positioned above Simon Tomlin’s head throughout the book, perhaps still hanging by its thread today. Read ‘Counter Spy’ if you dare, but look about you - are you being watched too? study

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