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Whither Uber?

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Whither Uber? Empty Whither Uber?

Post by oftenwrong Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:23 pm

An American company introduced Londoners to a Black-Cab alternative, the taxi you hail from a smart phone. It is very popular, but has been denied renewal of its operator's licence by Transport for London (TfL) due to alleged non-compliance with laws relating to driver-vetting and allied complaints from the Police.

Half-a-million Londoners have apparently signed a petition supporting the company, whose drivers are self-employed and usually "own" their vehicle under a hire-purchase agreement.

Some people have drawn a comparison with another transportation company in the news this week, Ryanair - in trouble with its pilots who are often self-employed.

In each example the public choose cheapness above other considerations, not least of which should be the evident exploitation of individuals for company profit. A common denominator in today's commercial world based on Victorian traditions that included sending children to work in factories or down mines.

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Whither Uber? Empty Re: Whither Uber?

Post by boatlady Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:41 am

I'm pleased to see the backlash against 'self-employment' of this sort, which is a device used by wealthy owners to avoid paying the full price of the labour they hire.

I think the owner of a company who intends to profit from the labour of others has a moral (and should have a legal) obligation to provide protections for their workforce (sick leave, holiday pay, National Insurance contributions) and to pay taxes on their profits - would always rather pay higher and know the people providing service have decent conditions
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