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Hells bells! The Angels hit Cardiff

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Hells bells! The Angels hit Cardiff  Empty Hells bells! The Angels hit Cardiff

Post by Misti Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:29 am

Hells Angels or Heaven Sent

The City of Cardiff was plagued by a rogue bunch of bikers recently. The infamous ‘Hells Angels’ roared through the streets terrorising locals and attacking surrounding businesses! Stop, rewind…actually the truth is that these bikers rumbled into the capital intent on meeting up with club members from all over the globe during a weekend bash. Amusingly, the police force wasted no time or resources in travelling around and warning shop-holders of the apparent threat to their businesses. Such was the extent of the warning that many paid out to enhance security measures at a time when every penny counts.

So come on pray tell what is that really about? It’s a known fact that the standard of security at these bashes would give MI5 a run for its money. Oh and they are invited too, so long as they do their darndest to blend in. To be sure you can guarantee that there will be no leaks or mistakes along the way. Dare you be foolish enough to step out of line during these rallies and it wouldn’t be the police force you would worry about. So quite simply there is no trouble. And another little titbit of shock information… These hard-faced bandits are actually policemen, judges, NHS workers and voluntary blood runners who give up their time to ferry blood and organs from one hospital to another. The bonding connection with the Angels is their passion for their motorcycle and the open road. It is the one organisation where you are not judged on looks, wealth or standing but are welcomed into a fold that is more like a family. It’s a sad reflection on us that our ex-servicemen find themselves shunned by society due to the after-effects of war, yet as part of the Hells Angels they once again find themselves in a brotherhood and with a purpose. Did I also mention that one of the Hells Angels biggest crusades is fund-raising for charities such as children’s hospitals, etc

.Anyway, the police force were not to be blamed for their actions they simply got their orders from above and carried out their job dutifully. Strange though, we are living in an era where pizza will arrive at your door faster than the police, and you rarely see a copper when you need one but hey presto, when the government wants to make a stance they are out in force. This might actually have been a wise tactic when dealing with ‘travellers’ who arrive without warning, cost ridiculous amounts of money in legal wrangles and when they do leave feeling rather bitter at their treatment, their parting gift is a trail of debris so great that the budget is sunk completely!

The Hells Angels have a zero tolerance attitude to trouble at their events which I do believe puts them above our government when dealing with riots or activist gangs etc, of which incidentally there is no prior warning to businesses or local people. Listen up government, you don’t need to worry about the Hells Angels they do your job for you! They cost us nothing in security measures as they provide their own, perhaps a leaf should have been taken out of their book instead of sitting back to watch London burn last August. Whats more instead of merely watching the demise of our children’s hospitals etc, they actually go out there and raise the funds that will purchase the vital equipment that allows these children to live…

I’m afraid the days of the Hells Angels roaring into town and tearing the place apart are well gone, if indeed they ever existed at all. There may have been a few rotten apples but they will have been dealt with in-house. But on that note, perhaps the government should have warned joe public whenever a banking convention came to town, after all they are the real criminals, placating us with their educated and trustworthy auras, whilst in truth they have brought about the very demise of Britain and what happens about these criminals? Ha! This is the best bit, they get to pat themselves on the back and reward themselves with a bonus to gallantly endorse their luxury holiday fund. Whilst the families losing their homes because of these morally defunct self-interested con-men, find themselves increasing the population of innocent people living on the streets. Feel guilty bankers or government? Of course not, it will give you something to laugh about whilst spending even more of the nations resources on outrageous banquets, transport and luxury accommodation that is so obviously necessary when one attends a business conference…

Back to our bikers… Yes, they are rather an imposing bunch, with their leathers, back patches, shiny heads and facial hair. Having met with them personally on a few occasions I can tell you your breath chokes in your throat and you suddenly slip into perfectly behaved mode. Believe me even my renowned Misti mischief is held in check! Their faces rarely show emotion but you can be sure they are taking everything in. As for stepping out of line, you simply don’t!

We are living in an age where our elderly are abused, robbed and beaten by mere teenagers, when muslim activist groups spit at our soldiers, burn our poppies and stamp on our flag without repercussion, when bankers openly steal from us catapulting our country into financial ruin and even our politicians will stoop to any lengths criminal or otherwise to get their means to an end be it in the name of our once great country or simply to line their own pockets without reprisal, but the one thing that you can be sure of is that when the Hells Angels roar into town the government will act promptly; time being of the essence and dipping into the ever dwindling Police Budget they will instigate a costly yet unnecessary warning system!

*Beware people, the Hells Angels are back in town, they will be holding a weekend bash far away from neighbours so as not to cause any upset, will cause no trouble, will tidy up after themselves and leave as though they were never there at all, oh and in doing so will raise funds for charities that exist because our government is starving our nation of funds…*

So come on pray tell, what was it really about? Well it appears to be yet another smokescreen to make the government look like the good guys. Seen to be worrying about joe public whilst indulging rather inconspicuously in what they are truly good at, raping our nation of its wealth, structure and pride!

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